Studio8 Design – The End Of An Era?

So here we go with the second post I promised you two days ago. It’s something a bit different to my usual posts about individual pieces of design, but I hope it’s still an enjoyable read.

The design agency Studio8 Design closed on Thursday after six years of work. Now, I’m not going to bore you with how they formed as that isn’t necessary, but I will tell you that they were an independent, four person studio who specialised in editorial and brand design amongst other things (It feels weird talking about them in the past tense!). I first found them whilst looking for an agency to compare with both The Chase and my own practice for my final essay on Art Foundation, and this independent small-scale is what immediately interested me in them.

After that initial discovery, they quickly became one of my favourite design companies. Loving their creative play with typography and ingenious project concepts, I even chose to write about them in my first uni essay, which ironically, asked me to write about the future of the company over the next thirty years! Perhaps they closed because they thought they couldn’t live up to my hype!

Over their six years of existence they have produced a huge range of work which I won’t be able to show all of, but here is a selection of their best work in my opinion (other opinions are available):

If you like the work I’ve shown you, be sure to learn more about these projects and check out their others here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this sort of personal retrospective of Studio8 Design, although it’s a shame that they have now closed, I look forward to seeing future work from their designers as they move forward in their individual careers, and who knows, they may even form a new studio that’s even more successful than Studio8 Design.


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