Design For The End Of The World

I’ve been planning this post for a while and I’ve now finally got the time to hopefully do it justice. The initial post I did on Post-apocalyptic Design proved immensely popular, so I thought it would be a good idea to return to the subject. As I spoke about in yesterdays post, further research into the topic of apocalyptic design gave me this fantastic piece of work by Bureau Bruneau, the personal design output of a fantastic Norwegian designer by the name of Ludvig Bruneau Rossow.

This project of his takes the whole concept of designing for an apocalypse to an entirely different level, creating a fictional end of the world scenario and using it to design the branding and packaging for a whole range of things that would be used or needed in such a situation. Using the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which is actually a real organisation, Bureau Bruneau has given this project a tangible real-world grounding which allows it to feel less fictitious.

Thinking of everything, designs have been made for everything from food and drink, to maps and instruction manuals, to even the administrative side of things with forms and ID cards. It is all designed in a simple minimal style which reflects the fictional scenario it has been placed in and is seen across all elements of the design. Everything has been designed to reflect the limited resources that would be available in such a situation, using different stamps to give labels and forms different purposes.

New FEMA logo:

Administration ID card:

Stamps in use:


Food packaging which continues the stamp style:

Instruction manuals:

Bureau Bruneau has shown fantastic attention to detail when designing this work. I particularly like the inclusion of instruction manuals to remind people how to do certain things and the overall style of the work, which reminds me of the Dharma Initiative items seen in the TV series Lost.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t feature all the project images without making this post twice as long. Click here to see all the images and have the project explained to you probably better than I could!

I hope you have enjoyed the return to this topic and who knows, if this post proves successful, and the demand is there, I may just return to it at a later date.



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