A Taste Of Things To Come

This post was initially just going to be a short taster for a couple of longer posts that I’ve got planned for the next few days. However, I just found this redesign of Onken yogurt by Design Bridge and thought I’d show you that as well.

Using photographs of real fruit instead of artificial images, and a large stackable image, Design Bridge have brought the focus of the packaging back to the flavour of the yogurt itself. A new, softer logo was also produced to tie in with the products new predominately image based style. The original post about this redesign on the Design Bridge blog can be found here.

Old and new packaging:

Stacked design of packaging:

Now for the main focus of this blog post. As I said already I’ve got two posts planned for the next few days that I hope you’re going to like. The first is a sort of sequel to my first proper post on this blog; Post-apocalyptic Design, and will look at a project by Bureau Bruneau which takes the idea of designing for the apocalypse to the next level.

The second post will be something a bit different to the usual sort of posts on this blog. It will look at the work of one of my favourite design companies Studio8 Design, who sadly closed as a studio today after six years of work. I’m not sure yet as to what kind of format this post will take but I hope it will be something to look forward to.

Work by Studio8 Design:

I hope this has got you interested in the two posts I have planned, and that you will come back and view them when they are posted.



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