Freshly Squeezed Design

Brands are often redesigned to stop the design becoming stagnant and boring. Changing the look of a product often injects a fresh new style which keeps current customers interest whilst potentially attracting new ones. This redesign concept for Tropicana orange juice was done by student Tom Laskowski as part of a uni assignment to create new branding for a globally recognised brand. The design uses a series of illustrations linking to the theme of breakfast with two simple colour schemes differentiating between the bits and no bits versions of the juice.

Comments on the design on have been largely critical of the designs lack of instantly recognisable Tropicana brand elements, such as the current logo and orange image. They believe that the redesign would result in a loss of sales if it went into production. I feel that these are a bit harsh, as the design is not meant to be for production and Laskowski has taken a big risk by redesigning the entire packaging. I believe that it has paid off, injecting a freshness that stays away from the standard logo and cliché images that have been a focus of Tropicana branding for many years.

What are your feelings on this design? Are the comments on thedieline justified? Please leave your thoughts on these questions and anything else about the design in the comments below.


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