What’s Cooking?

Have you ever wondered what your favourite designers like to eat? No? Well I haven’t either, but Baseline Magazine thought we might want to know, so they published this great little book. Baseline asked 28 different designers, including Wim Crouwel and Paula Scher, for their favourite recipes and thoughts on food, with each of the designers having a double page spread in the book for their recipe and an illustration of it by themselves.

This sort of publication is not something you often see in the world of design and I especially like the old school cook book style of the book itself. It also features some great comedic elements in the text from the designers, as Michael Wolff says; “For me, the quality of food in a design company is a good indicator of the quality of imagination and creativity. Ordinary and tasteless food usually means boring work.”

You can buy the book here: http://www.baselinemagazine.com/browse_buy/publications

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