Coca-Cola Brings Happiness To The World

Coca-Cola’s latest advertising slogan is “Open happiness”, and recent marketing of theirs has reflected this statement to great effect. These fantastic viral campaigns all centre around providing the public with free things and therefore happiness.

This first one was designed by advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather and features a vending machine with the words ‘hug me’ on the front in a Coca-Cola style typeface. People who gave the machine a hug were given a free can of Coca-Cola.

The below three were all produced by Coca-Cola themselves and in my opinion are the more successful ones. The first two contain a standard looking vending machine that contained an actual person, who dispensed random free items to you when you used it.

This one changes the idea slightly by using a truck that toured around instead of being a static machine:

The shear immense length of queues seen in the videos reflect how popular these campaigns really were, and I love the whole random lottery style aspect of what you’re going to get from the machine. These campaigns by Coca-Cola really have spread happiness to everyone who has used them, however I’m not sure whether the guy who won the Nintendo Wii was entirely pleased with his prize!

Click here for a blog post by a friend of mine on another one of Coca-Cola’s great marketing campaigns.


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