A Picnic Fit For A Queen

With my last major deadline of this first year of uni passing yesterday, I felt that I would use todays post to talk a little bit about my latest project. I won’t write about the entire 5 week long process as that would take forever, so instead I’ll just talk about the concept and final outcome. The project was a past YCN brief set by Marks & Spencer to create a picnic pack for them based on a chosen theme. I chose to base mine on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and created the concept of a party picnic that would also be part of an event organised by Marks & Spencer.

The logo I created introduces a visual language link across all the packaging. I feel that both the crown image and the handwritten script style font for the picnic title link well to the jubilee theme of the picnic, having a summery yet slightly regal feel.

My pack logo:

The two person picnic which I created as my final piece contains a variety of food and drink products as seen below, but the main thing which links to the concept is the invite. Contained within every pack, the invitation invites you to the M&S event that is based in multiple locations across the UK and also has a website link and QR code that take you to a webpage that tells you where the it is taking place.

The most important purpose of the invitation however, is its whole idea of community and bringing people together. The invite encourages you to pass it on to a family member or friend to get more people involved with the party, and has a voucher attached that offers £5 off a picnic pack to the person you give the invite to.

A promo-style mockup of the entire picnic:

The tag attached to the outside of the box which informs you about the invite inside and its purpose:

The invitation which I worded as though it was from the Queen, to add a personal touch and make the event seem more grand and important:

A small 3D mockup of the pack:

The colours of the above images should all be similar to that of the bottom two. Don’t know why this isn’t the case but you can see them properly and additional images at my website at www.sambennettdesign.co.uk.

Any feedback on this work would be greatly appreciated and if you have any questions about it, just leave them as a comment and I’ll make sure to answer them. I’ll probably be doing posts similar to this one at the end of each project from now on.


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