Hot Off The Cup

These days, with our hectic and busy lifestyles the ability to easily keep up to date with the world around us is always challenging. Social media such as twitter has gone some way to change this, so Gulf News took this to their advantage when they merged the worlds of news and coffee. In an effort to promote their twitter feed and be the first news based point of contact with the public, their simple idea utilised the coffee cup sleeve. Up to date headlines from the Gulf News twitter feed are printed onto it when the customer buys the product and a site link and QR code allow for the customer to receive further information on the story.

This is a great simple idea that really benefits those of us with limited time to read a newspaper in the mornings. Its just a shame that it is currently only in use in one coffee chain in the United Arab Emirates, as it could be a great benefit to people worldwide if applied by a more worldwide newspaper.


This video gives further information on the concept:


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