Vinyl Animation

I wanted to talk about this piece in yesterdays post, as it is also vinyl record design, however I felt it ultimately deserved its own post. Michael Hansen designed this record and record cover for classical composer Allan Gravgaard Madsen, looking to translate the feelings of his music through the design.

The album is split into two songs, one for each side of the vinyl, each with a specific theme, which is reflected by the relevant side of the cover. However the part of the piece that I was immediately drawn to, was the designs that Hansen has put onto the vinyl itself.

Both sides of the vinyl have on them a series of shapes and dots, which move and interact with each other in an animation style effect when the record is played. This ultimately causes the record to be both an auditory and a visual experience for whoever listens to it. This is a great alternative to the usual plain black finish that vinyls have, and really gives another level to the experience of listening to music on a record.

This video shows both sides of the vinyl in action, using a strobe lamp to slow down the animation so you can see what is happening:


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