A Record Cover That’s Not A Record Cover

With the world of music now moving more and more towards digital downloads, it’s always nice when an artist harks back to the olden days by releasing their record on vinyl. This is something which I am always pleased with, as I own a record player and enjoy the old school sound that playing records produces.

This piece of work by Daniel Mason for the new album by electronic duo Stay+ brings the old school look and feel of a record into the modern age, creating, as he puts it “a record cover that’s not a record cover”. He says this because the album, which is available in three coloured vinyl sized acrylic sleeves, actually contains within it no record at all. Instead, each one of the 144 limited edition covers contains a beautifully hand printed 36″ square QR code that links you to a webpage where you can download the album.

Stay+ are also releasing the album in a digital download and actual 12″ vinyl, however, even though I said before that I enjoyed vinyl, I actually prefer the ingenuity of the ‘physical download’ form and how well it brings together both the old and new styles of purchasing records. I suppose it’s too bad that I am not the biggest fan of Stay+’s music!

This video contains footage that shows the record being made, with Daniel Mason talking about it:



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