Brand Minimalism

Minimalism and simplicity in design are topics which I have discussed before on this blog due to my fondness of them and the kind of work they produce. The world of branding and brand packaging is often in my mind over-cluttered with unnecessary design items that can take away from the actual brand identity of the product. This is why I was such a fan of JKR’s ‘Brand First’ concept and why I was interested in the work of design consultancy Antrepo and their ‘Minimalist Effect’ project.

By removing unnecessary items from each of the products in stages, Antrepo have created a series of varying options for each of these brands, ranging from the original brand to pure minimalism with just the basic elements remaining. They have even gone as far as removing the actual logo of the product with some of them, which in my opinion may be too far as I feel the stage before this is the best in the majority of cases.

I feel that if companies were to adopt designs for their products similar to the penultimate stage in Antrepo’s work, it would inject a freshness into both their packaging and the world of brand packaging. This would cause them to really stand out amongst the other over-cluttered designs of products seen on shelves today.

This video looks at the opposite of this idea of ‘Brand Minimalism’ by showing how Microsoft would redesign Apple’s clean-cut minimal packaging for the iPod:

As you would expect, the end design is a box filled with unnecessary information which serves no purpose on the outside of the packaging and results in the product being lost amongst a sea of meaningless data. This is why the packaging design of Apple is so successful, because it only shows the basics of what it needs to show, it doesn’t overcomplicate things.

Antrepo’s ‘Minimalist Effect’ project can be found here and here on their blog.


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