Post-apocalyptic Design

Since starting my current project on packaging a picnic for M&S, the world of packaging design has become one of favourite areas of graphic design and something I will no doubt use more often in the future as I move into the second and third years of my course. One great website that I have found for packaging design is, on which I recently found this fantastic piece of work.

If you are familiar with the Mayan calendar, you will no doubt know that the world is supposed to end on the 21st December 2012. MENOSUNOCEROUNO, a Mexican advertising and branding agency has used this fact to create simple survival kit and self promotional piece to use if the world does indeed end, which they have appropriately called “Just In Case”.

Branded using a simple minimal design and basic colour scheme that you would expect from this sort of post-apocalyptic product but staying away from stenciled type and fake wear clichés, they have taken a different approach to this sort of product which I feel makes it all the more engaging as I am a huge fan of structured simple design.

As it is also a self promotional piece, the agency has added a slightly comical element to some of the products held within it. A tiny knife that they describe as a tool to hunt both animals and zombies with, and a bottle of Mayan liquer, are perhaps subtle references to both the origins of the supposed end of the world and also the fact that it may not happen.

The use of the end of the world theme has made this self promotional piece by MENOSUNOCEROUNO a great success in my eyes. It has served it’s purpose by bringing the agency’s great work to my attention and who knows, it may ironically come in useful later this year!



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