It has to start somewhere.

So here we are, my first ever blog post. It’s something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now, and I’ve finally got round to doing it. As this is the first post, I thought I’d use it to let people know what I’m planning to use the blog for.

Even though I’m a graphic design student at University College Falmouth, I find that I don’t often look at graphic design work outside of research for projects, which I probably should do. Therefore, I want to use this blog as a reason for me to explore the wider world of graphic design, posting about pieces of graphic design that I find which excite me. Just to mix it up, It will probably also include all manner of other things, like posts about project work, photography, and me rambling about my life! ENJOY!


One comment

  1. Lorna Scott

    Hey Sam – good start to the blog! Seem to recognise that picture 😉

    Thought you might like to start off with something from a bit further north. The Cheltenham Design Festival was held late last month and they have a good website with lots of interesting links that you might find useful

    Enjoy browsing and see you soon,

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